When working in a Linux Screen session using the "screen" command, you have to enter that Screen's scrollback mode to scroll up and down.


Step #1: Entering the scrollback mode

To enter the scrollback mode, just press Ctrl + A then press Esc.

There are 2 alternatives:

  • Ctrl + A then [
  • Ctrl + A then Ctrl + [

Step #2: Scrolling up and down

You can use navigation keys or a mouse wheel to scroll up and down in a Screen session.

To scroll up:

  • Press UpArrow, Shift + UpArrow, or PageUp
  • Scroll up the mouse wheel

To scroll down:

  • Press DownArrow, Shift + DownArrow, or PageDown
  • Scroll down the mouse wheel

Step #3: Leaving the scrollback mode

To leave the scrollback mode, just press Esc.


The scrollback mode, or the copy mode, is used to access and copy the contents of the scrollback buffer. But within the scope of this article, I only mentioned the scrolling behavior.

If you are interested in copying and pasting text, you can read the article How to copy and paste in a Linux Screen session.