To get the string format of a number in JavaScript is very easy. Take a look!


Method #1: Number.prototype.toString()

The simplest method is to use the Number.prototype.toString() method of a number.

const number = 123;
number.toString(); // '123'

Note that be careful when using the toString() method with a literal number:

// Uncaught SyntaxError: identifier starts immediately after numeric literal

In this case, you have 3 workarounds:

(123).toString(); // use parentheses
123..toString(); // use double dots
123 .toString(); // use a whitespace character after the number

I personally like the former one because of its clarity.

Method #2: String()

Using the String() function returns a string from an input number.

const number = 123;
new String(number); // '123'

Method #3: Template strings

You can use a feature called the template strings of ES6 to produce a string from a number.

const number = 123;
`${number}`; // '123'


The conversion methods that I mentioned above are very clear, right?

There are also some methods, such as number + '' or '' + number, but they make the code unclear so you should use one of above methods instead.